Land Use and Zoning

How you use your land (for businesses, homes, farms, house-hold pets, etc.) falls under the province of a land use/zoning attorney who will help you understand and operate within the applicable land use laws and zoning regulations. Local zoning regulations specify issues such as, how close together different types of buildings can be (residential and non-residential), how far back from the sidewalk buildings must be set, how high you can build, and how much parking you need to provide. Even simple permitting issues can turn into a significant problem.

Today, federal, state, and local governments regulate land use and zoning through statutory law and local ordinances. Some of the Land Use issues facing private developers and individuals end up in a legal suit but many need not and most will first require that the New Jersey State courts look to see if all administrative (Local zoning boards and variance applications) remedies have been satisfied before proceeding. The typical situations that bring these private entities into the court system are: suits brought by one neighbor against another; suits brought by a local official entity against a neighboring landowner on behalf of the public; and suits involving individuals who share ownership of a particular parcel of land. The benefit of using Land Use/Zoning attorneys is that they can help you navigate the application and approval process and can also give you the benefit of local knowledge to facilitate and gauge the process to increase your chances of avoiding a law suit and to properly utilize the court system when necessary.

The attorneys at Young & Perez can determine which rules apply to your property and development activities and whether you qualify for any exceptions to these rules.