A legal guardian is a person who has been given the legal authority to oversee the personal and real property interests of another person. Guardians are typically appointed in three situations: guardianship over a mentally incapacitated person, a medical guardian or a guardian over a developmentally disabled adult.

A guardian may act on another’s behave but  only after a legal determination has been made by a Judge that the person is in need of a guardian and that the person seeking guardianship is qualified to act in such a capacity.

Examples where a person my require a guardian appointed by a court include:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents that render the victim brain damaged or in a coma;
  2. Mental Illness
  3. Age related memory disorders such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

The attorneys at Young & Perez will be happy to discuss with your the types of legal proceedings that are available in the event that a guardian is needed. Whether you need guidance with guardianship questions, preparation of legal documents or representation once the guardian is appointed, the lawyers at Young and Perez will advise you of your legal rights.