Christopher A. Diaz

Christopher A. Diaz has been a practicing attorney for 19 years.  His experience ranges from In-House Counsel to Private Practice, having represented the City of Elizabeth in Workers’ Compensation Court as well as having served as house counsel for both AIG and Zurich Insurance.  He is a Cum Laude Graduate of Seton Hall University, where he obtained his B.A. and Rutgers Law School and where he was a founding member of the Rutgers Race & The Law Review.  Among his successes in Court, is the case of Feltman v. Transistor Devices, 355 N.J. Supe r. 36, 809 A.2d 167, which was part of the Appellate Court’s review of the standards governing heart attack cases in New Jersey.  Mr. Diaz was a featured speaker at Shippensburg University in 2014, lecturing on the “Art of Negotiation”.

Mr. Diaz has been endorsed in his community by Anti-Bullying Experts and Special Needs Advocacy Groups as an active advocate for students’ and parents’ rights.  Throughout his career, Mr. Diaz has worked diligently to achieve the best possible results and provide the most vigorous representation of his clients.